Olivier Py gives his rendition of Shakespeare’s masterpiece in the Cour d’honneur of the Palais des pages in Avignon

The stage of the Cour d’honneur is wide open to welcome King Lear’s tragedy. Written 400 years ago, the play raises the very accurate question of the limits of language and dialogue, which can provoke human worst wanderings.

Olivier Py has intended to deliver a 21st century version of Shakespeare’s masterpiece, through his own words and vision
Olivier Py has given a French translation of the text and, that way, his own rendition of Shakespeare’s play, written between 1603 and 1606. This translation and Olivier Py's vision aim at raising the barriers that can exist between a text and his raw sense. Here, the English subtiles are based on Shakespeare’s text. 

The question of love and of his expression, the conflict that can exist bewteen love and heritage
In an imaginary England at the end of King Lear’s reign, the man wants to know how much his three daughters love him. Before handing them down the power, he asks this terrible question: the one of his daughter who will express the best her affection to him will obtain the biggest part of the heritage… This will provoke a tragic blindness, intern struggles annd bloody squabbles in his family and his country.  

An unreleased digital version of the play!
The play is enriched with encrusted comments of the big characters around the plot and with videos of the Fool of King Lear directly addressed to the public


  • Date 01 juillet 2015
  • Durée 2h 38min
  • Production Compagnie des Indes
  • Auteur Shakespeare translation by Olivier Py
  • Metteur en scène Olivier Py
  • Lumière Bertrand Killy
  • Scénographie, décor, costumes et maquillage Pierre-André Weitz
  • Son Dominique Cherpenet
  • Assistanat à la mise en scène Thomas Pouget
  • Acteurs (+rôles) Jean-Damien Barbin / Moustafa Benaïbout / Nâzim Boudjenah de la Comédie-Française / Amira Casar / Céline Chéenne / Eddie Chignara / Matthieu Dessertine / Emilien Diard-Detoeuf / Philippe Girard / Damien Lehman / Thomas Pouget / Laura Ruiz Tamayo / Jean-Marie Winling /