Il est français mais son rock teinté de soul fleure bon le Rythm'n'blues façons USA.

Avec The Hearts, Theo Lawrence s'inspire de la musique outre-Atlantique en puisant dans les sonorités rock'n'roll et soul. Le groupe, qui présente l'EP "Heaven To Me", est à découvrir en live à Rock En Seine en inauguration de l'édition 2016.

Paroles de "Heaven to Me" 
You’re heaven to me
Yeah she's so real my lady
Well the chimes of my kingdom rang
And the Lord has advised me to do my thing
You’re heaven to me
And I ain’t no believer baby
But you must have one or two things to do with a place above
I’d like to call you my one true love
Oh you're heaven to me
Yeah my heart is skippin' beats like I’m crazy
If the amount of love I wish to give
Is more than you can stand
I’d loose my marbles baby to be your man
And now, what a hot buttered day x2
Oh, you lift me ‘bove the town
Then drag me underground
And I wonder how
Yeah, on a lazy afternoon
Tell what’s your ruse
Cause I wonder how
Well my honey and me
It looks like a high class movie
Everyone knows in this world that will never end
Eloping over yonder to the far old distant land
You're heaven to me (yeah yeah)
My honey and me, (yeah yeah)
You're heaven to me (yeah yeah)
My honey and me


  • Date 26 août 2016
  • Durée 4min
  • Genre Musique
  • Production Sombrero & Co - Supermouche Productions