Le duo formé par Mark Kerr et Fred Soulard défend sur la scène de l'Industrie l'opus "Mountain Madness".

Avec "Mountain Madness", le premier album de Maestro sorti en 2015, les trois membres - Mark Kerr, Frédéric Soulard et Anoine Boistelle - mêlent habilement musiques électroniques, rock indé et synth pop eighties.

Paroles de "Darlin' Celsa"
You said so
They really don't, they don't know
A heart blow
Seduction, I'm paranoid
Darling, we don't know what you've done
Dream you may of all of them
Best kids don't ever stray
It's the hard way, I want you to
It's just a kiss and
Imagining, I don't owe you
Don't want no memory
Don't ever say I need you more(?!)
Celsa, come back, it's terrible
Forget about the boys, please
How I hate them, how could you hurry?
And try to destroy me?
I hope no, but everybody says
Another fairy tale blown away
(Verse 2)
Best said, jealousy
See my heart rate, I always knew
It's such a mess I've given in
I don't feel you, you see the state I'm in
I bought a chain, can't let you go


  • Date 28 août 2016
  • Durée 5min
  • Production Sombrero & Co - Supermouche Productions