Ne vous méprenez pas, KillASon n'est pas américain mais bien français, et il a déjà tout des plus grands.

Paroles de "The Rize"
Things are changing kid
Don't listen to these people crouched in the dark
They are stuck in the past
Time is now kid, and now is the future
So step into tomorrow with lion leg as if it was a common day
You've been doing this for such a long time now
So it's time for you to raise your head to the light
It is time for you to rise: KillASon
Listen I'm about to do it bigga
Than most motherfucka
Than any motherfucka
As my plan a real bane, more than the joker's
It's time for mad people to rise my Clockworks Orange
My droogs and me gon' rape the game forever fuck Aversion therapy
My elevator welcomes you baby
No I'm sorry baby... I heard u've ever gone Solange
I bear a burden like John Miller, I'm a soldier
Have to preserve my Nation, my Nation
My brothers and my sisters, oh Lord
Imma make you proud of the young KillA KillA So
I'm rotting in my shell I'm
Roasting, cooking pearl I'm
Looking Mj Thrilla, my eyes red like reefer smoka
Work like I spend no sparetime na
Like I'm trying to halt qaida, halt HIV
Promote peace: RIP Mandela
In my grotto preparing the blueprint, the scheme
I think they're not expecting what I'm doWIN I'm
Doing what they wish they did but they ain't shit
They prefer wasting bills that they don't have
Instead of building something they could own
So sure man, We gon' tackle loads of stereotypes like Sherman
We no gang men though we gon' bang the game man
They'll be yelling, fucking hating
"Oh they sit on trillions?!" like Janet Yellen
Oh Amen! UCWP han
Wanted Posse, Undercover are my crews
Talk shit on us your mouth we bruise
Keep on moving while people snooze
Say nun' then come up with something new
Haters keep wishing they saw us loose
Cauz they know we born to reach the moon
Started from the underground, We the hoddest in the town
20 years we still around, what the fuck they saying now
People thought we fell down, left the game head down
Undercover is undercover, we where you can't find us nigga
And now you gonna see all us
On the top
This is me rising
Talk to em KillA
This is me rising
My time is coming
This is me rising
Not patiently waiting

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  • Date 28 août 2016
  • Durée 5min
  • Genre Musique
  • Production Sombrero & Co - Supermouche Productions
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