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The Divine Comedy - Catherine The Great - Live @ Les Folies Bergère

Après six ans de silence, la formation pop était de retour en 2016 avec un nouvel album et passe par les Folies Bergère

Six ans après “Bang Goes the Knighthood”, l’Irlandais Neil Hannon et son groupe The Divine Comedy sont de retour avec leur pop orchestrale et publiaient en 2016 leur 11ème album, “Foreverland”. Découvrez un extrait de ce nouvel opus avec le titre "Catherine The Great".

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Catherine the Great
The Divine Comedy
Produced By Neil Hannon
Album Foreverland
Let's talk of Catherine the Great
Let's talk of love and the power of the state
She was a crazy spontaneous girl
Everyone paid homage to her
Catherine the Great
There were few brainier
Just ask the king of Lithuania
She could dictate what went on anywhere
She had great hair
And a powerful gait
Catherine the Great

Catherine the Great
She could converse with the best
She knew Voltaire, Diderot, and the rest
She might have conquered a third of the world
But inside she was a sensitive girl
Catherine the Great
With her military might
She could defeat anyone that she liked
And she looked so bloody good on a horse
They couldn't wait
For her to invade
Catherine the Great

Yekaterina Alexeyevna

Let's talk of Catherine the Great
Let's talk of love and the power of the state
If I could touch but the hem of her dress
Tell her a joke
Bake her a cake
Catherine the Great

Paroles de la chanson "Catherine The Great" de The Divine Comedy

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  • Date 25 janvier 2017
  • Durée 3min
  • Production Sombreco & Co
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